What is UV coating? Why Need use UV coating?

We all know that when UV printers print patterns, it is necessary to perform surface treatment on the raw materials, that is, spray a layer of surface treatment agent (coating) on the surface of the raw materials. This thing is called UV coating, that is, the treatment agent used on the surface of the UV flatbed printing material is called UV coating. This kind of thing directly affects the poor adhesion of our printed patterns.

What is UV Coating?

UV coating liquid is refined from special modified resin and special auxiliary materials or refined from special polymer materials. It is suitable for glass, ceramic tile, metal, melamine board, nylon, PET, PVC, PC, ABS, stone And other materials, its main function is to enhance the adhesion of UV printing patterns. It has the properties of fast drying speed, low odor, strong water resistance and waterproof. The coating is for the material and the ink, one material for one coating, and the performance of the uv ink should be considered at the same time.


How to use UV coating?

To clean the substrate without surface treatment, especially oil stains, squeeze a little bit of the coating liquid onto the surface of the substrate, then wipe it evenly with a non-woven cloth and cover the entire surface. However, use a brush, sponge, or napkin to wipe the surface of the substrate. You can print immediately after wiping, or you can wait for a while before printing. It is recommended that the waiting time should not exceed 10 minutes.

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