6090 UV Flatbed Printer with 2 or 3 printheads for Varnish White and color printing


60*90CM 23.36in*35.4in A1 UV Printer

Aluminum alloy air vacuum down platform

Direct UV substrate directly inkjet flatbed Printer

Water circulation cooling LED UV Lamp curing system

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A1 Size 6090 UV Printer with 2 or 3 pieces Epson printheads for Varnish, White and color ink printing at the same time with 3D embossed effect

6090 UV Flatbed Printer overview

DS-6090U UV Printer is the best choice for starting any scale business! This 60cm*90cm 23.36in*35.4in small size UV Flatbed Printer can print white ink continually without blocks, it can print on most flat materials.
The UV Curing printer printing machine will Print on any substrate directly like foam board, metal, wood, crystal, Crylic, PVC, PP, Bamboo, glass, ceramic tile, leather etc
This 6090 uv printer is designed to print on both rigid and flexible materials. It instantly dry in prints directly on wood, PVC, acrylics, leather, glass, crystal, ceramics, rubber, aluminum, copper, etc… The printer is ideal for custom gifts, giveaways, Promotional Items, pens, golf ball, phone cases, Cards, etc..
LED UV curing system & 3D embossed and raised print
The ink system is based on an advanced LED UV curing system.  The LED UV ink technology allows the creation of amazing 3D textured and raised printing effects.
High printing resolution and up to 1440 dpi
Empowered by the piezo print technology and anti-static print systems, The 6090 UV direct printer benefit from the variable dot printing technology. For sharp detailing and small text rendering, this uv printer prints up to 1440dpi in high resolution mode and fires ink droplets as fine as 1.5pl.
White ink and varnish ink supply
White ink channel for printing on dark and transparent materials.
More standard fixtures for optional
The matched fixtures help us print several pieces per time, even with different artworks. You can not only capture the small minimum to 1 piece, but also the large orders up to thousands of materials.
Technology Hightlight
This dosign UV printer wildly use on almost all the flat materials, especially suitable for the gift items, promotion items, souvenir items, customize items etc; Without film plate-making, no need any MOQ limit, the color and picture are unlimited, low printing cost; Self design and own technology to make the stable printer with high quality to start a printing business.
The 6090 UV Printer can install 2 pieces or 3 pieces 6 colors TX800 DX8 Print heads, can print CMYK+LC+LM+White+Varnish at the same time in one pass, and make the uv printing result to be the greatest with 3D embossed raised texture.


Technical Parameter and Quotation of 6090 UV Printer
Model DS-6090U
Printhead Piezoelectric Printhead DX8 TX800
Number of heads 2 Pieces Print Heads 3 Pieces Print Heads
Printing size 60cm x 90cm  23.6*35.4 inches
Printing Speed 4 Pass 4.0m²/Hour
6 Pass 3.5m²/Hour
8 Pass 2.5m²/Hour
Standard Resolution  1440dpi
Print Height 1mm to 80mm adjustable(160mm can be customized)
Ink Colors  CMYKLcLm+White/Varnish  CMYKLcLm+White+Varnish
Printing Materials Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Marble, Ceramic, Plastic, Wood etc
Data Interface USB2.0 High Speed Interface Transfer System

Working Environment

Temperature 15℃-30℃
Humidity 40%-70% To effectively control static


50-60HZ 400W-1600W
AC220V±10% / AC110V±10%
Operating System Windows XP,  Windows 7, Windows 10
Dimension L1560xW1680xH1380mm L1850xW1750xH1500mm
Weight 320KG

Added Value

Low Ink alarming system
Vacuum platform with Dividing Rule
Water circulation cooling system
White ink stir system to prevent head clogging

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details of 6090 uv printer

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