How to use uv coating for better effect

  1. If the coating is sprayed or rubbed on the product, it needs to be applied “evenly”, and some places should not be sprayed with the coating, and some places are still blank;
  2. Pay attention to the thickness of the spray, it can not be too thick or too thin, too thin will have no effect, too thick will reduce the adhesion of the pattern;
  3. After the coating is sprayed, you need to wait for the coating to dry completely before printing, so that the effect will look better.
  4. The coating preparation ratio is not static. When the weather, temperature and humidity change, the original ratio should be adjusted appropriately.

Friendly reminder

  1. Please place the UV coating liquid in a cool and backlit place. After each use, be sure to seal it as soon as possible before storing;
  2. Before printing the product, please wipe the surface of the material with alcohol and a dust-free cloth, and then wipe the coating evenly on the material with a dust-free cloth, especially the edges of the material must be wiped well;
  3. Please inform the user, do not uncover the lid of the coating liquid container for a long time, and do not allow the coating to be in contact with the air for a long time to prevent the coating liquid components from volatilizing. Before using it every day, it is recommended to pour some in hand watering cans and plastic bottles, and pour in as much as you use;
  4. Before mass production and printing, it is recommended to print a small sample in advance to test the adhesion (color fastness), and then print in batches after it is qualified. Because of some special materials and coating dosages, most of them will be different.
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