5 Precautions for using uv coating

  1. As far as possible, use uv coating materials that are of reliable quality and come from the original equipment manufacturer after repeated testing;
  2. Different materials use different uv coatings, do not mix them to use;
  3. The weather is humid and the temperature is low. After the uv coating is sprayed, it needs to be placed for a while, and the effect will be better after it dries;
  4. The uv coating is to temporarily add a small amount of curing agent according to the need before use. If you mix a lot of coatings at a time, the coating will easily dry out and cause unnecessary waste.
  5. The uv coating is flammable, please keep it away from the fire source.
  6. If the uv coating gets into your eyes accidentally, please rinse with clean water in time and seek medical advice nearby.

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