1.6m 5ft Eco Solvent digital Printer

Multiple Epson DX5 DX7 DX7 XP600 DX11 4720 Printhead workable

Automatic Head cleaning system

Big capacity CISS system for continuous printing

Reliable boards and operate system


1.6m DX5 DX7 5113 4720 eps3200 XP600 DX11 Print head Eco Solvent Printer

The 1.6m 1.8m Eco Solvent Printer is using the newest Epson DX7 DX11 XP600 DX5 5113 4720 EPS3200 Printhead, the colors is with higher resolution up to 1440dpi and high printing speed, it is for indoor and outdoor advertisement printing with high resolution, the application medias like PVC Flex Banner, SAV, One way vision, PP Paper, Wall Paper, reflective banner, poster, transfer paper etc.

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