A3 size 8 Colors direct to substrate UV LED Printer

A3 size desktop format

KMYC+White+Glossy available

Water circulation cooling chiller

RIP software can print all color at one time


A3 size 8 Colors direct to substrate UV LED Printer

The DS-2000U is an A3 size flatbed LED uv printer with high printing speed and high resolution. The structure design guarantees a stability of the performance allowing limitless repetitive prints with a complete registration. It comes with Epson Printheads with a high quality definition.

For consumables materials, it uses the newest professional inks that specialized on flatbed printers. Therefore has a super adherence and durability on the color. With a high performance, the flatbed printer can help minor enterprises to realize high qualified printing results and create more value.

Materials that can be printed:

Plastics (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC etc.), metal, wooden articles, leather, glass, crystal, ceramic tile/chinaware, silica gel, stiff paper, etc.

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