DS-9060T DTG Textile Printing Machine

Printhead White ink and Color ink at one pass

White Ink circulation system

Anti-Collision system

Automatic measurement and printhead adjustment


DS-9060T DTG Textile Printing Machine

The T-shit printer is capable to print in any color, especially in black, red and white t-shirts;  the  color  prints are  made without the  silk screen and the printing plate. It can accomplish white, gradient color picture prints at the same time. Water durability rechesuo to 3 or 4 degrees, there is no color fading. It meets the international universal standard requirements and uses a green environmental protective ink, which accomplish the highest European quality on the standard inspection. , such as DupontArtistri® ink for textile (cotton).

Advantages of RIP software:
• Accurately control the ink volume according to printing work requirement, so that the printed image exactly as same as the designs prepared.

• Freely adjust the brightness,contrast, ect by RIP accroding to your request.


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