1.8m Sublimation Printer / Eco Solvent Printer

Large 1.8m printing width

With one or two Epson DX5 DX7 XP600 5113 heads for option

True color high output quality up to 1440dpi

Use for Sublimation and Eco Solvent Printing


High quality 1.8m Sublimation Printer / Eco Solvent Printer


1.8M, 2.5M and 3.2m Width Printer is high precision Sublimation Printer or Eco Solvent Printer, print heads are using Epson DX5 DX7 DX11 5113 Head, It can be used with indoor andoutdoor advertising signs printing business

High resolution.
Using Epson DX5 DX7 DX11 WF5113 4720 eps3200 print head, high output quality up to 1440dpi.
High printing quality.
The new variable droplet control technology achieve the three grayscale to make the printing more delicate & accurate. Can output the perfect printing with VSD technology even though in high speedor low resolution cases.
Adjustable print head height to adapt more different media.
The height of print head can be adjustable according to the thickness of media from 1.5mm to 8mm to ensure the good spray quality.
Three smart heaters of front,middle and back.
The heaters can be controlled separately to heat the media to be appropriate temperature to order to improve the absorption of ink. Front heater can reduce the drying time and increase the speed of collecting paper.
Automatic ink maintenance station is more convenient and stable.
The automatic self-designed absorbing device with simple operation is more convenient for maintaining. And the automatic up/down sucking ink function canreduce the waste of ink.
Using high-power servo DC motor for X,Y axis to ensure accurate transmission.
Higher resolution and more accurate for feeding paper, longer life using
Using high-speed USB-HiUSB interface.
Up to 480m/s speed of the maximum transmission make the network transmission faster and more convenient.

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