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Several important indexes to identify the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor solvent ink

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor solvent ink? The following important indicators are indispensable:

1,excellent light fastness and weatherability:

Because of the outdoor painting picture hanging for a long time in the outdoors, UV, acid and alkali, dust and air pollution will affect the picture, so to choose light fastness level 7 (the highest level of Grade 8, because of the color reason, some parts in the world is only up to 7), weatherability level 5 (highest grade 5) products.

2. Excellent stability:

The principle of organic pigment ink is uniformly distributed in the organic solvent system, some poor ink because of the selection of cheap raw materials, pigment particles of different size, the suspension system is very unstable, with the passage of time, the change of temperature, will produce a layered, precipitation phenomenon. Reaction to the solvent printing machine will be in the ink barrel, ink box, ink tube and nozzle ink cavity precipitation, commonly called "oily sludge"". The direct result is that the ink supply is not smooth, the ink emitted by the print head is not uniform, affecting the picture, seriously blocking the nozzle, so that the life of the oscillating crystal is extremely shortened, that is called the burning head. good ink does not need shake before use or ultrasonic vibration.

3. Excellent color gamut expressivity:

The color of organic pigment has many hue, each hue will produce different color gamut effect. Try to choose the color that can maximize the gamut and the local consumer preferences is also one of the main factors for choosing ink.

4, raw material quality:

Raw materials mainly due to their different prices, quality also has a big difference, the impact on the nozzle is quite large, such as purity, pH value, water content, impurities, etc., will directly affect the nozzle life. So high quality raw material is an important guarantee for high quality ink. It is recommended that users should not ignore the quality of ink raw materials while ink cost is reduced.

5, good usability:

Excellent ink in the normal printing process, you do not need to wipe frequently, cleaning nozzles, which wasted ink, but also reduces the efficiency of printer, and even produce color difference, directly affect the quality and efficiency of printing.

6. Proper technical parameters:

Not all ink fits your inkjet printer, and it's not just an ink that can be used on a variety of machines. Different nozzles and even the same nozzle, because of their printing voltage, oscillation frequency of the required ink indicators are not the same. When the customer chooses the ink, he should take full account of the ink which can prolong the life of the print head and not affect the printing quality.

Principles are as follows:

(1) a lower print voltage will protect the nozzle more than high print voltage.

(2) a lower oscillation frequency has more protective effect on the print head.

(3) the low print voltage and oscillation frequency affect the printing quality.

(4) try to select low voltage printing ink with low viscosity.

In addition, some ink manufacturers in order to reduce inventory or reduce the trouble of after-sales service, Increase the viscosity of ink appropriately. Although it has a wide range of applications, it also affects the life of the oscillating crystal of print head. It is suggested that the technical parameter of printer should be adjusted according to the change of environment temperature and air temperature on the premise of technical ability.

7, ink safety and environmental protection:

High quality ink is not flammable and explosive, and the impact on the human body is reduced to a minimum. and now some of the ink on the market, only for the pursuit of low cost, applied benzene series solvent ink which is prohibited, although there are temporary users, but with the government and customers to enhance environmental awareness, will eventually be completely eliminated.

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