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Only print color:

1,Temperature: 330F-340F (166 ℃ -170 ℃) heat press clothes

2,Time: 60S

3,Pressure: low pressure

4,Before pressing need to wear silicone paper on the clothes (very important).

Print white ink

1, printing pre-preparation

(1). With high pressure to heat press clothes, guarantee the T-shirt cotton  fiber formation, with flat surface can print better image.

(2). Time: 30S

2, pre-processing before printing the image

(1)print the picture at 14cm * 17cm , the amount of treatment solution is between 20g-25g (0.7 to 0.9 ounces).

(2)Do not use too much treatment solution. For most users this is a common problem: too much processing solution will lead to washability problems because the pre-treatment layer will prevent the white ink into the cotton, the ink "floating" on the T shirt surface. As a result, the pre-treatment and the ink are washed off in water, and the image will peel off or crack. Use just enough solution to allow the white ink to print out a bright image.

3, pretreatment after the pre-processing

(1), before pressure need to put silicone paper on the clothes (very important).With silicone paper on the clothes, can make the treatment solution easily evaporate from the clothes, other wise treatment liquid will stay between the clothes and heat press which will cause color difference.

(2), temperature: 330F-340F (166 ℃ -170 ℃) pressure ironing clothes

(3), time: 30s-45s

The time of 30s-45s is to observe that the treatment fluid becomes steam (smoke) during the pressing process, which ensures that the clothes are dry and the treatment liquid has evaporated.

(4), pressure: heavy press

With high pressure to press the clothes, can guarantee the T-shirt cotton fiber formation, a flat surface can be print better image.

4, the pressure set after printing

After printing white ink or color ink

(1), temperature: 330F-340F (166 ℃ -170 ℃) pressure ironing clothes

(2), Time: 60s

(3), pressure: light pressure

(4), before pressure need to put silicone paper on the clothes (very important).

Washing method

1, when finish the printing and heat pressing, it is best to start washing after one day.

2, it is recommended to use cold water washing clothes, The first wash will result in about 5% color fade, after 1-5 times washing cause 5% -10% color fade, after which colors will remain stable.

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