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Analysis of some basic questions about UV Printer

1.UV flat bed printer can make money for me?

Buy a UV flatbed printer can make money ? This is a question that a lot of just ready to enter the printing industry customers will be tangled.The answer is yes. UV printer from entering the market, has more than 10 years, the application is very extensive. From sign business to decoration industry, and recognized by consumers.

2.What media can I print on a UV flatbed printer?

The reason why UV flatbed printers are developing so fast is that they are not limited by the print pattern and material.UV flatbed printer can print a lot of materials, such as wood, tiles, stone, metal, furniture

And other hard media; can also print carpets, bamboo mats, leather and other soft media; It can be said that UV flatbed printer with unparalleled technical advantages and economic benefits.

3.What are the dimensions of the UV printer?

General 2.5 * 1.3m is the standard type, the smaller basic are modified machines, such as A3 size. Because such machines are privately modified, the performance is unstable, have more problems, although cheap but not recommended to buy. Of course, there are specially customized large models, print format up to 3 meters, the price is also more expensive.

4.is the machine workmanship good?

Generally, customers who buy machines are best to check it by own eyes, not only to understand their print quality, but also can go observe the workmanship of the machine. Workmanship is nothing but three aspects:

First, the machine's sheet metal, good one not only looks beautiful, but also also very important for stability of machine.

Second, the machine cable, normal UV printer manufacturers printer cable harness chassis neat, all into the trough,the tank chain cable look clean and neat, this kind of machine can durable.

Third, the spare parts used, all the harness is a flexible line, because it needs to continue to walk in the tank chain, motor usually best to use the imported Panasonic motor and driver.the guide rail better use imported brand, such as Japan's THK, because the imported parts are ideal for details, the machine move in the process of running smooth with very low noise.

5.how about after-sales service?

The last thing is to look at the after service, and customers are most concerned about it. Good after-sale make customers very comfortable, once machine have problem can be solved immediately, this depends on salesman and company reputation.

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