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Relationship between flex banner type and weather resistance

Relationship between flex banner type and weather resistance

We know that the main quality indicators of measuring flex banner (PVC material) are: tear resistance, UV resistance, permeability, ink absorption, light transmittance, whiteness.

There are two ways to produce light box banner: laminating type (calendering method) and coated type.

1, laminating production method is to produce two layer molding PVC film, by heating, under the pressure of the hot roller and the middle of the light guide fiber together, cooling molding. The biggest characteristic of this kind of technology is good printing performance, general ink absorption performance, but the cost is low, the maximum width of up to 4.2 meters, and its disadvantages are also obvious, because the equipment and the production process is simple, anti stripping, poor resistance to UV, and in the high or low temperature condition has the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction.

2, coated type production is the liquid PVC slurry coated on the fabric of the positive and negative sides, and then through the drying process to make it fully integrated into a whole.because the coated type product is up and down as a whole, the separation phenomenon can be eradicated, the anti UV performance can be improved, and the temperature is not affected, and the stitching property is good,the adsorption degree of the ink is greatly improved.

In the same kind of ink, the same natural environment, the use of coated banner resistance about 4 months longer then laminated type banner, mainly because the coated banner ink absorption is good, and after coating, it become whole with banner. Ink adsorption in coating, add a layer of protection, and the coating itself has anti UV ability, and scour coating on rainwater have obvious cushioning effect, which will greatly extend the outdoor weathering time.

For the laminated type without coating, ink can only be adsorbed on the surface of the material, but can not penetrate the banner. If the ink does not have the ability of anti ultraviolet, anti scratch and rain washing, the outdoor weather resistance will become very short.


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