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Note of using solvent printer

Note of using solvent printer

1, Solvent printer is more sensitive to static electricity, equipment, ground should be handled under the guidance of the installation staff.

2, The operation of the control panel or nozzle, must first cut off the power, and anti-static measures.

3, the computer system in the RIP file should be cleaned at any time to ensure that the hard disk has enough space.

4, should not open other software when program is running, can not open the two printing program.

5, when printing can not transfer files to the the computer.

6, the computer system parameter settings can not be changed, especially when reloading the system to ensure that the settings are accurate.

7, the rail data transmission cable must be regularly checked to ensure that no open circuit, short circuit and signal interference.

8, if canvas roll too big, the belt does not move, that can bring the image stripes, can open the material a little to solve the problem.

9, vertical step parameters in the driver software to adjust, see the instructions.

10, if the noise of car walking increases, check the slider or abrasion of bearing wear.

11, when power on can not push the car by hand, otherwise, easily lead to a variety of dislocation.

12, the drive parameters have been adjusted at the factory, the user can not unauthorized changes, if motor have problem, please observe the motor and check with manual.

13, the tension of belt should be appropriate, too tight, too loose are not good,  adjust it with bolt.

14, the ink system of the various pipe interface must ensure that no leakage. Check the ink supply of ink cartridges, to ensure that the nozzle of the ink tube at the interface does not leak, ink tube ink without bubbles, otherwise there will be insufficient ink supply.

15, if found in the ink supply slow, you must check or replace the filter.

16, before power on the print head should supply the ink first, because the ink is the main way to take away the nozzle heat.

17, when printing should use a small cover for the print head, to prevent ink pollution nozzle, connector, nozzle electric board, etc., other wise will cause short-circuit accident, damage the nozzle.


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